About us

bdnewsnet.com.bd Is the Bangla version website of Bangladeshi online news portal  bdnewsnet.com . 

bdnewsnet.com started its journey in 2016 to promote core journalistic values and free speech in Bangladesh. 

bdnewsnet.com is Inspired by the values of
proud Bengali nationalism and
the Independence war of Bangladesh.

Our editorial policy and values based on Six fundamental principles :

  1. Loyalty to the Nation not to the system. 
  2. All Truths are subject to Revision. 
  3. Defend and Protect the values of Nations Founders. 
  4. Watch over a few to Guard millions. 
  5. Inform the  Citizen. 
  6. Intellectual fairness not Neutral. 
  7. Decipher Enemy states Deception . 

bdnewsnet.com is an independent News organization, we gather, formulate, and distribute information to users & organization. The opinion, views and information shared by the Organization is protected by the United Nations ” Universal Declaration of Human Rights ” Article 19 & Article 39 of The Constitution of Bangladesh.

Mission Coverage Priorities Policy

The fourth fundamental principle of bdnewsnet.com is to bring transparency in Bangladesh Public sector and accountability.  

The Constitution of Bangladesh Gives all the power to its Citizen. When people got power and position they tend to think invincible and usually misuse their power for personal gain.  If The temporary custodian of specifically defined executive office misused its executive power _ It badly harms the public interest. 

So our primary focus and Coverage to watch a few executive power holders in the government organization to bring transparency.  We are interested in reporting why the Road was damaged, who built it,  who approved it,&  who monitored it   rather reporting in Breaking News   ” Newly constructed road in Devastating Condition ” 

Verification & Fact-Checking Policy

We take so much time to Verify and Fact check that most of the time Many News published by various News entities of Bangladesh Never see the light of the day in our Portal.


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