Friday, April 09, 2021

Two weeks 'complete lockdown' recommendation

The Covid-19 National Technical Advisory Committee believes that the current situation of coronavirus cannot be controlled without at least two weeks of 'complete lockdown'.

The committee's 30th meeting last Wednesday night therefore recommended a two-week 'full lockdown' across the country. A press release signed by the chairman of the National Technical Advisory Committee Prof Mohammad Sahidullah on the recommendations of the meeting was sent to the media on Friday.

 The committee recommended a "complete lockdown", especially in city corporations and municipalities, and called for a new decision, taking into account the rate of infection before the end of the two-week lockdown.  

The committee believes that the 18 guidelines on public health to increase coronavirus infection and mortality are not being followed properly. So ‘restrictions need to be followed more strictly’.

"As the Ministry of Health seeks to increase the number of beds, ICU facilities and oxygen supply, the capacity of hospitals needs to be increased rapidly as the pressure on hospital admissions is increasing," the statement said.

It was also informed that the DNCC hospital will be opened within the next week. 

The committee says a large proportion of those who come to test for coronavirus are migrants. According to the committee, it is necessary to consider sending other than migrant working people abroad to private laboratories for testing. This will ensure isolation by providing patients with tests and reports quickly, which is important for infection control.

The Covid-19 National Technical Advisory Committee noted that vaccine activities in the United Kingdom have yielded good results. In order to make the vaccination program a success in Bangladesh too, it is recommended to focus on private imports to ensure the supply of vaccines.


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