Thursday, April 08, 2021

The government is thinking of introducing 'blended education system’

Even after a student has completed university education and joined the workplace, it may be important for him to acquire knowledge in a new field. Then it is not possible for that employee to start direct education activities at the university level again. Age should not be an obstacle to acquiring knowledge. Realizing this need, the government is considering introducing a blended education system.

Joining the 23rd convocation of North South University on Thursday, the Education Minister said. Dipu Moni.

The education minister said students need to be taught how to achieve lifelong learning. In this fast-changing world, things are constantly changing. The knowledge that is so necessary today may lose its need in the change of time. In order to survive, it may be necessary to acquire new knowledge for a living. So we have to teach our students how to learn throughout life.

Emphasizing on blended education and modular education, the Minister reiterated the need to continue online education activities.

Atiqul Islam, Vice Chancellor, North South University, presided over the convocation. Salman F Rahman, Adviser to the Prime Minister on Private Industries and Investment, and Prof. Dr. Kazi Shahidullah.



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