Sunday, April 11, 2021

The cost of bank deposit up to 10 lakh taka has been reduced

Bangladesh Bank has given benefits to small depositors this time as coronavirus infection continues to increase. Their account maintenance fees have been halved. As a result, banks will be able to collect fees once a year from depositors who have an average deposit of up to 10 taka lakh. As a result, the maximum fee for a deposit of  2 taka lakh to 10 taka lakh will be Tk 250. This facility will be applicable for the current year only.

Bangladesh Bank Deputy Governor Abu Farah. In the first light, Nasser said, 'Borrowers have been given many opportunities. This time the depositors were given a chance. As a result, small depositors will turn to banks and deposits will also increase.

The Bangladesh Bank said in a statement that small depositors are being encouraged to provide financial incentives and increase deposits in view of the economic situation caused by the coronavirus infection. For this, banks are being instructed to collect account maintenance charges instead of twice a year against savings accounts with an average deposit status of up to 10 taka lakh.

It further said that in order to increase deposits in the banking sector and divert small depositors to banks, the maintenance charges against savings accounts were re-fixed based on the average deposit status. According to the rescheduled rate, banks can charge a fee from an account twice a year.

According to the previous instructions of the central bank, no more than tk 300 can be collected from an account for 6 months. That means maximum 600 rupees can be taken in a year. Earlier, a maximum average deposit of Tk 25,000 was charged. If the average deposit as a saver is within tk 10,000, the bank will not be able to charge any fee for conducting the account. And if the average deposit is between 10 thousand to 25 thousand rupees, you will be charged 100 rupees every 6 months.

If the average deposit is from Tk 25,000 to Tk 2 lakh, the fee will be Tk 200 every 6 months. The deposit fee from 2 lakh to 10 lakh will be 250 rupees. And as a saver, the average deposit of more than 10 lakh taka will be charged a maximum of 300 taka. The bank will be able to charge a maximum of Tk 300 every six months for managing each current account, Bangladesh Bank said.


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