Sunday, April 11, 2021

The commercial area in Barisal is overflowing with shoppers

There is no way to understand that the lockdown is going on now. Coronavirus infections are on the rise, as are deaths. But in the commercial areas of Barisal city, the people are not paying attention to all this and the sales are going on. Everything is going normally.

Today, Sunday morning, the city's Chawkbazar, Church Mahalla, Fazlul Haque Avenue, Sadar Road, Bazar Road, Port Road - life was normal. The crowds in these areas seem to be a bit higher than usual. Someone has a mask on his face, someone has put the mask down on his chin. No one wore a mask again. There was no physical distance.

Chaitra's special price reduction is going on in the city's Chan Bazaar. Buyers seem to have jumped in there. A couple from Kashipur came with three children to shop at a reduced price. The couple said about coming to shop with the children at such a risk, 'I get a chance every year. Everyone comes so we are coming. And ahead of Eid, during Eid, the price of clothes increases. So in advance, I keep shopping for Eid in advance at a lower price every year. '

Health experts believe that coronavirus disease is on the rise in Barisal due to people's indifference to health rules.

According to the departmental health department, 12,364 people have been infected with coronavirus in Barisal from March last year to April 10 this year. The highest number of infections was 5,630 in Barisal, 1,905 in Patuakhali, 1,036 in Pirojpur, 1,330 in Bhola, 1,126 in Barguna and 1,006 in Jhalokati. Today, 151 people have been newly infected in the department.

Analyzing the second phase corona infection data, it is seen that coronavirus infection in this section started to increase gradually from the second week of March this year. From 13 to 19 March — in these 7 days only 6 people were affected in 6 districts of the division. But in the 7 days after March 20 to 26, the number of victims was 226, which is almost 3 times. From March 17 to April 3, 1,991 people were affected by the department in these 19 days. And from 4 to 11 April — 1,036 people have been identified in this 1 week.

Meanwhile, the indifference of the common people is not diminishing even though the district administration is conducting several mobile court raids every day to protect the health rules. 

Shyamal Krishna Mandal, assistant director of the Barisal Divisional Health Department, told bdnewswnet, “The pace of infection is very worrying. At the moment, there is no alternative for the general public to be aware of hygiene. But the way we see the indifference of the people, the day and night we are all working together to prevent the infection can be in vain.


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