Saturday, April 10, 2021

That is why thousands of women in Pakistan are learning karate


Pakistan's Hazara ethnic minority has long been a victim of communal violence. Their women are the most oppressed among them. Due to which, they are now learning karate for self-defense. Pakistani media Dawn reported that a Shia Muslim group living in two areas southwest of Quetta has been the target of communal attacks for decades. For their security, separate checkposts and armed security forces have been set up in the two areas.

Thousands of women are being harassed there all the time. They are harassed by men, especially in public transport and in market crowds. As a result, hundreds of thousands of young women are learning karate for their own protection.      

Nargis Batul, 20, told AFP: "With karate we can't resist bombings but we can defend ourselves. I have learned this to increase my self-confidence. '

“Everyone here knows I go to a karate club,” he said. As a result, when I go out, no one dares to insult me. ' 

Ishaq Ali, head of the Balochistan Oshu Kung Fu Association, said more than 4,000 people were learning karate in regular classes at more than 25 clubs in Balochistan. 

The city's two largest academies told AFP they had 25 people learning karate, most of them thousands of young women.

In many families in Pakistan, girls are not allowed to play sports. However, karate instructor Fida Hussain Kazmi said, “In our society, girls usually do not get the opportunity to practice sports. But families do not stop them from practicing karate for self-defense.

Kazmi has taught hundreds of women karate in the last few years. He trained in karate with a Chinese instructor in Lahore. Nargis Hazara and Kulsum Hazara are the inspiration for thousands of women to learn karate. The two women won medals for Pakistan at the International Karate Championships.


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