Friday, April 09, 2021

Strict sanctions imposed in Qatar

According to Al Jazeera,  Qatar, a Middle Eastern country, has imposed strict restrictions to prevent coronavirus disease. A statement from the country's cabinet on Wednesday said strict restrictions would take effect on Friday.    

Abdul Latif Al Khal, deputy chief medical officer at Qatar's Hamad Medical Corporation, said the UK and South African variants of the coronavirus were spreading rapidly in Qatar.

In addition to the gym, swimming pool, water park, spa, museums, cinema halls, libraries and nurseries have been ordered to close due to new restrictions.

Food cannot be eaten sitting inside cafes and restaurants and no food shop, cafe or restaurant can be opened in the open. At the same time, public gatherings in parks and beaches have been banned.

In recent times, daily corona infections have been on the rise in Qatar. On Wednesday, 940 people were newly infected in the country. As a result, the total number of people affected by the Coronavirus epidemic in Qatar since the beginning of the year is one hundred and eight thousand.


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