Sunday, April 11, 2021

SSC HSC exam in uncertainty

No one knows when this year's SSC and HSC exams will be held or not. As there were no classes for more than a year due to Coronavirus, there were plans to take SSC with 60 days of classroom classes and HSC exams with 60 days of classes in the short syllabus from March 30. That too has been ruined.

Officials at the Dhaka Board of Education say Coronavirus's current situation does not say when the test will take place. Again, whether the assessment will be done without exams like last year's HSC exams depends on the decision of a high level government.

Dhaka Board of Education Secretary Tapan Kumar Sarkar told bdnewsnet that they are in the process of filling up SSC exam forms, preparing question papers and printing them. Be prepared so that any decision can be taken quickly.

For more than a decade now, SSC exams have been held in February and HSC exams in early April. But due to coronavirus, the country's educational institutions have been on holiday since March 16 last year. As a result, stay away from the exams, those who took the exams, they have not been able to go to the classroom for more than a year.

The Ministry of Education had earlier planned to open classrooms for SSC and HSC candidates from the first week of February. For this, the National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB) also prepared short syllabus for SSC and HSC candidates. But considering the situation in Coronavirus, the higher echelons of the government did not agree to it. The government then announced that all educational institutions would be reopened from March 30 and from then on SSC candidates would be given 60-day classes and HSC candidates would be given 60-day classes. But the government has had to back down from its decision to open an educational institution on March 30 due to the increase in coronavirus disease. The new decision is that the school-college will be opened from May 23 and the university will be opened on May 24.

A senior official of the Dhaka Board of Education told bdnewsnet that their plan was to start the SSC exams in the first week of July after a 60-day class and to take the HSC exams in September with a two-month break after the SSC exams. To this end, they wanted to announce the schedule. But now all the plans have to be dropped.

It will take time to fill the form

Dhaka Board Secretary Tapan Kumar Sarkar told bdnewsnet that despite the uncertainty, they are making preparations. Following this, online filling of SSC exam forms started from April 1, which was supposed to end on April 8. However, now the time to fill the form will be extended due to 'lockdown'. Extended time will be informed at the end of the lockdown. Candidates do not have to pay an extra fee for this. Apart from filling up the forms, SSC exam question papers have been prepared and sent to BG Press for moderation and printing. The secretary said that even if one thinks of alternatives, one has to fill the form.

Last year's HSC exam was not held due to coronavirus infection. The results were then evaluated on the basis of the average results of the JSC and SSC examinations of the candidates in the special system, who are now stepping on the path to higher education.

Next year's examinees are in more trouble

SSC is based on the total syllabus of class IX and X and HSC is based on class XI and XII syllabus. Next year’s SSC examinees got classes a few days after they got up to ninth grade in January last year. But he did not get any class in 10th class. Similarly, next year's HSC candidates have also fallen behind in class. In such a situation, there is no opportunity to take SSC in February next year and HSC in April without classes, said a senior official of the Dhaka Board of Education.

Professor Manzoor Ahmed, an educationist, suggested that the long-term loss of education due to Coronavirus should be borne in mind by the need to undertake an education rescue program for several years.


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