Thursday, April 08, 2021

Serum wants Rs 3,000 crore to increase vaccine production

The Seram Institute in Pune needs Rs 3,000 crore to continue exporting abroad by increasing the production of vaccines. Adar Punawala, the head of the company, told this to various media on Tuesday. He said as many people as possible need to be vaccinated to prevent the second wave of coronavirus transmission. It has to be done between June-July. He needs to increase production. He needs 3 thousand crore rupees.

Adar Punawala said his company is under a lot of pressure to produce ticks. It is necessary to increase production for vaccinating the people and exporting them abroad. This is not possible without increasing productivity.

Two days ago, the Prime Minister was officially informed that efforts were being made to double the production of high-speed vaccines. At present, 6 crore doses of vaccine are being prepared in the best way. India Biotech of Hyderabad is producing 4 crore. It is planned to increase this production to 14 crore by June-July. If this is not done, it will be difficult for these two companies to export vaccines as per the agreement.

The picture of new infections in India is taking a deadly shape day by day. 1 lakh 17 thousand people have been newly infected in 24 hours from Tuesday morning to Wednesday morning. Mortality is also rising. Crowds are flooding the vaccination centers. Now 45 and above are being vaccinated. But the chief ministers of Delhi and Maharashtra have already demanded that everyone over the age of 18 be vaccinated immediately.

The political debate has also started with this. Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan said on Tuesday that those who are most in need are being vaccinated first. This will continue till July. Because, there is not enough vaccination. Policy Commission member VK Paul went a step further and said everyone would be vaccinated in time. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has protested against this attitude of the government. In a tweet on Wednesday, he taunted the government, saying, "The debate over who wants vaccines and who needs them is ridiculous. Every Indian has the right to a safe life.

In this situation, Maharashtra Health Minister Rajesh Tope has sounded the alarm. He said the vaccines in stock in the state would last for about three days. The central government has been requested to send vaccines soon. The situation in Maharashtra is the worst. More than half of the infections in the country are in this state alone.

All the restrictions are being issued in different states to prevent the infection. Emphasis is placed on wearing a mask and avoiding crowds. The Delhi High Court on Wednesday said in a case that even if you travel alone in your car, you have to wear a mask. Failure to do so. According to the judge's order, one's own car will also be considered a 'public place' during this atrocity. Wearing a mask is mandatory even if vaccinated.

The Union Ministry of Health said in a statement that a total of 68 million people have been vaccinated in the country till 7 am on Wednesday. The government claims that India is now number one behind the United States in vaccinating so many people so quickly.

Punawala said they were in the process of producing the Russian vaccine 'Sputnik-V'. The trial of an antidote called 'codagenics' will also start very soon. That vaccine is not an injection, it is a nasal drop. But it could become a 'game changer' against Covid.



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