Friday, April 09, 2021

Market-shopping mall opened after four days, buyers are coming


Dhaka's shops and stores reopened on Friday after being closed for four days due to a 'lockdown'. The same is true of other metros and districts in the country. 

According to the hygiene rules, the shops are open from 9 am to 5 pm.

However, if the shopping malls and markets do not comply with the hygiene rules, legal action will be taken, the cabinet department issued a notification on Thursday. 

The traders said that very few buyers were coming even after the opening of the shop.

Dewan Aminul Islam, president of the Newmarket Businessmen's Association, said in the first light, 'People are coming. However, it is 70 percent less than other times. Still coming. Hopefully, the number of buyers will increase after the Friday prayers. He added, 'Now we are busy ensuring hygiene. I am telling the shopkeepers to leave if they do not follow the hygiene rules. Because, if the hygiene rules are not followed in New Market, it will affect the whole country. No one will obey. '

Monir Hossain, general secretary of Chandni Chowk Business Forum, told that all the shops in Bipanibitan are open. “We have put a disinfectant tunnel at the entrance of the market,” he said. Besides, I will not allow you to enter without a mask. '

Monir also said that hand sanitizers have been kept in each shop and traders have been barred from entering the shops with more than one or two shoppers.

A seven-day 'lockdown' has been in place across the country since April 5 to prevent coronavirus infections, and shopping malls have been closed. After that, traders and employees of New Market area, Bashundhara City Shopping Complex and some other shops in Dhaka started a continuous movement.

Next Wednesday is the first Boishakh. The first day of the Bengali New Year. For that, the government has decided to keep the shops and shops open till the day before the  first Boishakh, i.e. April 13. Although no decision has been made to keep it open since then. 

Despite the announcement of lockdown, in the face of the demand, the announcement was made to keep public transport in Dhaka and other city corporations from last Wednesday and the decision to open the shopping mall came yesterday.

Clothing business is booming around the first Boishakh and the holy Eid-ul-Fitr. According to traders, about half of the year-round sales at these two festivals. Due to the increase in Boishakh-centric sales, the local fashion houses invest huge amount of money every year.

Traders are hoping this year to make up for the losses incurred by the business due to the non-celebration of Poyala Boishakh last year due to the coronavirus. Products are also ready for sale in Boishakh.


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