Thursday, April 08, 2021

Machine guns are guarding all the police stations in Sylhet

Security has been beefed up at the Sylhet Metropolitan Police (SMP) and all police stations in the district. Security posts (machine guns or LMG posts) have been set up in 12 police stations of the district and six police stations of SMP for special security. The people concerned said that this measure has been taken to prevent any untoward incident.

According to SMP sources, additional security has been taken at the outposts and investigation centers and police installations associated with the six police stations of Sylhet Metropolitan Police. As part of the security, special prevention measures have been set up in police stations, outposts and investigation centers with LMG posts and cement sacks. Besides, the number of police members has been increased. Police are on duty 24 hours a day at these outposts.

Visiting Kotwali police station on Thursday afternoon, it was seen that the check post was made of cement sacks in the roundabout of the police station. A member of the police on duty is sitting on the LMG shelf. An additional 50 police personnel have been deployed in this police station. Considering the risk, such check posts have been seen on the roofs of some police stations and in the open space in front.

SMP spokesperson Additional Deputy Commissioner BM Ashraf Ullah told that LMG posts have been set up in all police stations, outposts, checkpoints and installations under the metropolitan police as part of additional security across the country under the direction of the police headquarters.

Meanwhile, LMG outposts have also been set up in 12 police stations under Sylhet district police. However, when contacted by the media branch of the district police, the concerned department official did not agree to comment on the matter.

A district police official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said a meeting was held at the Sylhet District Police Lines on Wednesday in the presence of the DIG of Sylhet Range and the Superintendent of Police (OC). At that meeting, it was decided to set up LMG outposts in all police stations of the district as part of additional security. Besides, arms have been supplied from the arsenal of police lines in the police stations and additional police have been deployed.


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