Thursday, April 08, 2021

Irfan Selim is not being released at the moment

 The High Court has granted bail to Irfan Selim, son of MP Haji Selim, in a case of beating of a naval officer in the Dhanmondi area of ​​the capital. The prosecution filed an appeal against him, on which the chamber court on March 27 stayed the bail order. Irfan filed an application this week seeking revocation of the stay order, which went to chamber court on Thursday. Following the hearing, Chamber Justice Hasan Fayez Siddiqui sent the petition to the regular bench of the Appellate Division for hearing on April 19. As a result, Irfan Selim is currently in jail, said Additional Attorney General Sheikh Mohammad Morshed.

The High Court granted bail to Irfan in the case on March 18. The prosecution appealed against him. On March 26, Chamber Justice Obaidul Hasan adjourned the High Court verdict for four weeks. Irfan's plea seeking revocation of the stay order came up in the chamber court today.

Lawyers Abdul Baset Majumder and Saeed Ahmed appeared for Irfan in court today. Additional Attorney General Sheikh Mohammad Morshed was present at the hearing on behalf of the state.

The High Court had on January 28 ruled on Irfan's bail application in the Dhanmondi police station. Irfan was granted bail by the High Court on March 18 after hearing the rule.

Irfan and his accomplice were accused of beating Wasif Ahmed Khan, a naval officer, in the Dhanmondi area of ​​the capital on the night of October 25, 2020. On the morning of October 26, the day after the incident, Navy officer Wasif filed a case with Dhanmondi Model Police Station. The case was filed against four persons including Irfan and two or three others.

In another case, Irfan was arrested on October 26 last year. The next day, on October 26, he was shown arrested in a case filed by the Dhanmondi police station. Irfan failed to seek bail in the lower court in the Dhanmondi police station case on December 26 last year. He later applied to the High Court in January this year for bail.

Police have filed a charge sheet against Irfan in a case of beating a naval officer. The charge sheet was filed in the court on February 13.

According to the details of the case filed at Dhanmondi police station, Navy officer Lieutenant Wasif Ahmed Khan was returning home on a motorcycle with his wife on the night of October 25. A car with the MP's sticker hit his motorcycle. Haji Selim's son Irfan and his men were in the car. Wasif introduced himself and motioned for the car to stop. Want to talk Then Irfan and his men beat him and made him bloody.

MP Haji Mohammad. Selim's son Irfan Selim was a councilor of ward 30 of Dhaka South City Corporation. He has been suspended on charges of moral turpitude and misconduct.


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