Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Instructions to close all types of madrasas

 The Ministry of Education has directed to close all types of madrasas (residential and non-residential), including Qawmi madrasas, except orphanages, until further notice to deal with coronavirus (Covid-19).

The technical and madrasa education department of the education ministry said in a circular on Tuesday that no slack could be shown in following the instructions.

Earlier on March 29, the Prime Minister's Office had issued 16-point directives to combat coronavirus infection. One of the directives is to close all educational institutions, i.e. pre-primary to primary, madrasa, secondary, higher secondary education, universities and coaching centers. The then Education Minister Dipu Moni said that Qawmi madrasas would also be included.

A circular issued by the Department of Technical and Madrasa Education referred to the directive of the Prime Minister's Office, saying that the lockdown is currently in force in the country. But despite government directives, some residential and non-residential madrassas are still open in different parts of the country, which is extremely risky in the covid situation.

Educational institutions have been closed since March 16 last year to prevent coronavirus infection. However, on a special request, the government allowed the opening of Qawmi madrasas in August last year. According to the government's new decision, the country's schools and colleges are to open on May 23. The university is scheduled to open on May 24.


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