Sunday, April 11, 2021

Information about Israel's secret military operation leaked


The country's most influential media outlet, Haaretz, has given shocking information that a major secret Israeli military operation was leaked to the media.

Very few Israeli political and defense figures knew about the operation. Although the operation was suspended for a day, it could be carried out successfully later, Haretz said.

They were further informed. The source who leaked information about the operation to the media did not know that the operation had been postponed for a day. 

The operation was conducted after long preparation and training of elite units of the Israeli army. However, Haaretz said that after the information about the operation was leaked, Israeli defense officials warned that the leak could put members of the Israeli army involved in the operation at serious risk. 

The New York Times reports that Israel told the United States this week that it was behind an attack on an Iranian ship in the Mediterranean last month. Israel has said it did so in retaliation for attacks on two Israeli-owned ships.


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