Saturday, April 10, 2021

Indifference of many in health rules at the instigation of BNP: Quader


Awami League general secretary Obaidul Quader has said that BNP has also committed anti-politics with the Coronavirus vaccine. He said that now there are various propaganda and provocations about the lockdown. Many are getting an opportunity to show indifference towards health rules due to BNP's reckless statements and provocations.

Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader said this at a briefing at his official residence on Saturday afternoon.

Obaidul Quader called upon the BNP to stand by the people instead of doing politics with Coronavirus and said, "Give constructive advice without blindly criticizing the government."

The general secretary of Awami League said, BNP will play a broken record of lies against the government every day, will spread rumors, will provoke; And the BNP leaders get angry when they answer all these. In fact, the politics of the BNP is to do politics with everything and to debate with the political atmosphere.

What has the BNP done for the welfare of the people during the Corona period without throwing arrows of criticism and spreading the poison of lies? Has played a responsible role? Obaidul Quader wants to know from the BNP leaders, you wake up in the morning and say there is no coordination of the government. He said that even the developed countries of the world are struggling to control the epidemic, while Bangladesh is working tirelessly under the able leadership of Sheikh Hasina. A strong network has been built from the center to the grassroots.

The general secretary of the Awami League said the government is trying to protect people's lives as well as livelihoods.

Obaidul Quader also thinks that the BNP wants to crack the morale of the frontline fighters by maneuvering, but they will not succeed.

The BNP is now talking about taking all-party views, noting that they have spoken of an all-party committee before, the Awami League general secretary said, adding that corona is not a political problem, there is a national advisory committee on coronavirus in the country. Therefore, the government is taking decisions on the basis of the views and recommendations of the expert and advisory committee.

Obaidul Quader further said that the opinion of public health experts is more important here than the all-party issue. There is no precedent in any country in the world for an all-party committee to prevent or treat infections.

The Minister of Road Transport and Bridges said that although there is such a committee somewhere in vaccine management, there is no such instance in the overall management of Coronavirus.

Later, Obaidul Quader virtually attended the inaugural function of the four-lane upgrade project of Karnafuli Tunnel Link Road including Anwara Upazila Link Road in Chittagong.

In his speech, the Minister said the Department of Road Transport and Highways is working tirelessly to build a fast, uninterrupted and safe highway network for the socio-economic development of the people of the country through construction of communication infrastructure. 

The Minister of Road Transport said that Korean EPZ, Chinese Economic Zone has already been established in Anwara Upazila of South Chittagong.

Obaidul Quader said the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (Karnafuli) tunnel is being constructed under the river Karnafuli. The tunnel will connect the port city of Chittagong with the tourist city of Cox's Bazar via Anwar.

Mentioning the urgent need to develop the communication system of Karnafuli Tunnel along Patia-Anwara-Banshkhali road, the Road Transport Minister said, This project was adopted.

The cost of implementation of the project has been fixed at around Tk 407 crore. 

Obaidul Quader also said that under the project, in addition to upgrading about 11 and a half kilometers of highway into four lanes, three intersections will be constructed at Shikalbaha, Karnaphuli Tunnel junction and Kala Bibi Dighi.


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