Tuesday, April 06, 2021

India desperate to get S-400, what is Russia saying?

 India is desperate to get a defense system for Russia's controversial S-400 anti-aircraft missile. The two countries held a meeting at the foreign minister level in Delhi on Tuesday, led by S Jayashankar and Russia's Sergei Lavrov. At the meeting, Indian diplomats raised questions about getting S-400.

According to NDTV, Russia has promised to strengthen military-technical cooperation after the meeting in Delhi. At the end of the meeting, S Jayashankar said that the defense ministers would discuss the S-400 missile system next year. 

According to the report, India has plans to acquire the S-400 anti-aircraft missile defense system from Russia in December. However, the risk of sanctions on Turkey is increasing on India. The Trump administration did not give any concessions to India in 2016 due to the purchase of military equipment from Russia.  

"We have reaffirmed our commitment to military-technical cooperation," Lavrov said after a meeting with Foreign Minister S. Jayashankar.

Jayashankar said the defense ministers would meet at the end of this year on the S-400. 

India builds Russian MiG fighter jets and SU-30 jets. The two countries are also working on the development and production of supersonic 'BrahMos' cruise missiles on Indian soil through cooperation.

If Russia's talks with India are fruitful, it will anger the United States.

The United States has imposed trade sanctions on Russia over its occupation of Crimea from Ukraine and interference in the 2016 US presidential election. Russia's defense and intelligence services have also been targeted.

In this regard, Lavrov said that the United States wants to discourage other countries from buying arms from Russia. But during the talks with the Indian foreign minister, there was no talk of US objections. Rather, both sides have focused more on deepening military ties between themselves.

Washington, meanwhile, has warned Delhi that it could face US sanctions if it buys surface-to-air missiles from Russia.


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