Sunday, April 11, 2021

Increased bank transaction time to reduce congestion

The decision of Bangladesh Bank to keep the banking system in a limited form to prevent coronavirus infection will continue. However, banking transactions will continue from 10 am to 1 pm on Monday and Tuesday. The bank will be open till 3 pm to complete post-transaction ancillary activities.

Bangladesh Bank has issued a notification regarding this decision on Sunday. After the restriction on transactions, banking transactions were from 10 am to 12:30 pm. However, due to this short time, the central bank has extended the transaction time due to the increase in congestion at the branch level.

The central bank took the decision today after the government announced various restrictions and continued to deal with the corona outbreak. Besides, all the previous decisions will be continued.

An earlier notification had said that the presence of officers and employees living near the branch should be given priority. Apart from this, the presence and working environment of the officers and employees should be followed as per the instructions of the government and Bangladesh Bank. As a result, the office can be run with 50 percent officers and employees. At this time all types of bank transactions will continue.

The central bank said online deposit and withdrawal facilities were available, adding that banks could keep one branch open if there were more than two such branches within two kilometers. However, branches that transact in foreign currency will not fall under it.

The bank's evening and weekly holiday banking activities will have to be stopped till further orders. In addition, the banks will be able to decide for themselves how the agent banking services will operate. At this time, Bangladesh Bank has asked to take initiative to keep sufficient money and online banking activities in ATM booths round the clock.


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