Thursday, April 08, 2021

How to do bank transactions in lockdown


The lockdown has started for one week. At this time a number of restrictions must be complied with. Otherwise, the government will take strict action.

The government has banned the movement of vehicles. In this situation, how will the transaction be done in case of an emergency in the bank? Bangladesh Bank has given details in a circular on Sunday.

Banks and financial institutions will continue to operate on a limited scale during the lockdown. The transaction can be done for two and a half hours from 10 am to 12 noon. 

However, not all branches of banks will remain open. If there is more than one branch within two kilometers in the city corporation and district headquarters, one should be kept open. If any branch is closed, the customers of that branch will have to inform the customers in the nearest branch by giving notice. However, labor-intensive areas and branches of foreign trade will remain open for the sake of import-export activities and trade. 

According to the circular, the branches will be open for banking transactions from 10 am to 12 noon on days other than weekly holidays and public holidays. Banks will be open till 2 pm to coordinate internal work. It said the bank's head offices and branches need to be manned as needed to ensure emergency banking services. The bank will decide on this at its own discretion. At this time, customers can deposit, withdraw, bank draft, pay-order, treasury invoice, disbursement of various government social security programs, pay remittances, transfer money to their own branch or inter-branch, redeem savings certificates, redeem bonds. In addition, all types of utility bills can be paid. The check clearing system will also remain open. 

According to the circular, any one of the branches within two kilometers of the city corporation and the district headquarters will remain open. Disbursement of sanctioned loans, implementation of incentive packages, payment of salaries and allowances to the workers will continue. Important overseas transactions will continue.

It further said that there are instructions to keep the branches located at air, sea and land ports open at all times. In this case, during the lockdown, the activities should be carried out in consultation with the concerned authorities. ATM service will be running round the clock. Adequate money supply should be ensured in the booths for the convenience of the customers. At the same time, online transactions must be continued at all times. Evening banking will be closed for now. 

Starting from March 26 last year, there was a 7-day 'general holiday' all over the country. At this time all vehicles were closed except for emergency. And the educational institution has been closed since March 16. When the infection subsided, the school college was supposed to open on March 30, but it was postponed to May 23. And if the situation is favorable, the universities will open on May 24.


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