Thursday, April 08, 2021

Government regulations for determining TRP

 The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has issued a circular containing 10-point rules for determining television rating points (TRPs). These rules have been laid down for the selection of TRP determining institutions, providing technical assistance and overseeing activities in order to build a quality, orderly and competitive publicity system.

The notification issued on Sunday (April 4) will be effective from April 20. The information was given in a press release signed by Information Ministry Public Relations Officer Akram Hossain on Monday (April 5).

The commercial market in the media is constantly expanding, the circular said. Advertising rates are determined by popularity in this competitive broadcasting industry. The popularity of a TV channel, i.e. the number of viewers-listeners, is verified by determining the Television Rating Point (TRP). None of the organizations currently conducting TRP activities in Bangladesh are approved by the Government of Bangladesh. In order to bring transparency in the calculation of TRP, there is a need to determine TRP in advanced technology with the technical assistance of Bangabandhu Satellite in the country.

10 point rules: 

1. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting will invite applications from interested non-governmental organizations to conduct TRP determination of Bangladeshi TV channels within a specified period.

2. Interested local and foreign non-governmental organizations registered in Bangladesh can submit an application to the Secretary of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting within the stipulated date to conduct TRP assessment of Bangladeshi TV channels. In that case foreign non-governmental organization must have office in Bangladesh.

3. The applicant organization has to submit a pay-order or bank draft (refundable) of Tk 10 lakh for security deposit in favor of the Secretary, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting along with the application form. If the application is not considered eligible, it will be refunded.

4. The Ministry may allow one or more organizations to conduct activities and submit a license fee of Rs. 5 lakh in code 1-3301-0001-1754 by invoice before taking their no-objection letter. The Ministry will verify the copy of the invoice and give no objection in favor of the selected institution.

5. An oversight committee comprising stakeholders will be formed under the chairmanship of an additional secretary of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to oversee the TRP assessment activities.

. Before receiving the no-objection letter from any organization selected to conduct the TRP calculation activities of the TV channel, a copy of the invoice has to be submitted to the Ministry by invoicing in the prescribed code by invoice of Rs. After verifying it, the ministry will give no objection in favor of the selected institution.

. The TRP will be determined using modern technology devices in a sufficient number of places subject to the satisfaction of the oversight committee with technical assistance from Bangabandhu Satellite. The organizations responsible for this work will collect a list of Bangladeshi TV channels approved by the Ministry.

. Due to the use of technical assistance of Bangabandhu Satellite, Bangabandhu Satellite Authority will be able to charge a fixed rate from the concerned organization.

9. The responsible organization will be able to charge a fixed fee per month from the Bangladeshi TV channel for determining the TRP and publishing the report.

10. The responsible body will determine the TRP and inform the TRP Monitoring Committee constituted by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and publish the report.


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