Thursday, April 08, 2021

Government bans Bengali New Year celebrations

 The government has banned the celebration of Bengali New Year on April 14 by holding a public meeting as the death and infection situation with the deadly coronavirus is deteriorating.

The Ministry of Cultural Affairs of the government has said that public gatherings cannot be held under any circumstances in organizing the Bengali New Year.

The deadly coronavirus infection in the country is constantly moving towards a terrible situation. The number of infections and deaths is increasing by leaps and bounds. Every day the record of the previous day is exceeding the highest number of infections and deaths in a single day in the history of the country. In the last 24 hours, 63 people have died due to new infections in the country. Corona was caught in the body of 6 thousand 72 people at this time.

The directive was given in a letter signed by the ministry's deputy secretary ASM Hassan Al Amin on Wednesday.

The letter said that in the light of the decision taken by the inter-ministerial meeting, it is being informed about the program adopted for the celebration of Bengali New Year 1426. . Under no circumstances can a public meeting be held.

Last year, Chayanat's New Year celebrations and Mars parade were canceled due to the Corona situation.


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