Sunday, April 11, 2021

Eating rice destroys the nests of babui birds, hundreds of chicks die

In Indurkani upazila of Pirojpur, some farmers have evicted the nests of babui birds in two palm trees after eating boro paddy. It has been alleged that more than a hundred birds have died. The incident took place at Bhawanipur village of upazila on Saturday evening.

According to local villagers, some farmers including local Hemayet Hossain Mollah are cultivating boro paddy in Bhawanipur village. For several days, a flock of babui birds have been eating the paddy of the land. There are two palm trees next to the land. Farmer Hemayet Hossain Mollah and his brother Lutfar Rahman Mollah got angry after eating rice from birds. On Saturday evening, some farmers led by Lutfar Rahman Mollah demolished the babui bird nests in two palm trees. At that time most of the houses had small chicks of Babui birds. After breaking the nest with bamboo and throwing it on the ground, some nests are thrown in the side canal. Most of the puppies in the house died.

Receiving the news, Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Indurkani Police Station Humayun Kabir visited the spot on Sunday morning. At that time, he saw some live birds in some of the houses and ordered to replace the houses with palm trees.

Maruful Aziz, a local journalist, said more than a hundred baby chicks were at home. Almost all the puppies are very small. A few puppies on the ground are still alive. When he goes to the living cube, he sighs for food.

Hemayet Hossain Mollah, elder brother of Lutfar Rahman Mollah, said that three brothers have cultivated boro paddy in 50 bighas of land. Babui birds have already destroyed more than 25 percent of the land. So his younger brother Lutfar Mollah and two workers broke some bird nests. They did not kill any birds.

Upazila Livestock Officer Haris Chandra Bose said the babui bird is now almost extinct. It is everyone's duty to protect the natural diversity. Killing them is an inhuman act.

Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Indurkani Police Station Humayun Kabir said he went to the spot and tied the nests of the living chicks with palm trees and replaced them. Legal action is being taken against those involved in the incident.


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