Thursday, April 08, 2021

Dhaka Club's application for tax exemption of Tk 34 crore rejected

The National Board of Revenue (NBR) has to pay value-added tax (VAT) and supplementary duty of around Tk 34 crore to Dhaka Club. The Dhaka Club had applied for exemption from VAT and supplementary duty a few years ago.

NBR has expressed an inability to accept the request of the Dhaka Club. In a letter dated March 29, the NBR informed the Dhaka club that there was no opportunity to waive the money due to the legal process.

An investigation report by the Dhaka South Customs, Excise and VAT Commissionerate has found that supplementary duty on various services including booking charge, service charge, bakery bar, beauty parlor, guesthouse rent, health service, card room in Dhaka Club from October 2009 to September 2014. 7 crore 10 lakh 5 thousand 256 taka and 19 crore 59 lakh 8 thousand 315 taka due to VAT. Apart from this, from September 2015 to June 2018, there is another 6 crore 5 lakh 36 thousand 7  taka arrears.

After that, in 2016, a claim was issued more than once to collect the arrears. After the hearing at the end of 2016, the final claim was informed to Dhaka Club in 2017. A final notice was issued to the Dhaka Club authorities in January for non-receipt of arrears. Later, the Dhaka Club authorities prayed for two months.

But the Dhaka South Customs, Excise and VAT Commissionerate set a time limit of 15 days. Later, Dhaka Club President Khairul Majid Mahmud applied to the NBR in February for exemption from arrears of VAT and supplementary duty. The letter said it was difficult for the club authorities to pay the dues. Last week, the NBR rejected that application.

Dhaka South Commissionerate Commissioner SM Humayun Kabir said in the first light, 'The law is equal for all. We will now go to the legal process to collect the tax arrears from the Dhaka Club.


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