Thursday, April 08, 2021

Coronavirus treatment costs more due to government mismanagement: Zafrullah

 Jafrullah Chowdhury, the founder of the public health center, complained that the cost of treatment was increasing due to mismanagement by the government and neglect of anything. The cost of ICU is higher due to the higher cost of medicines. The families are becoming destitute.

 Jafrullah Chowdhury made the remarks at a civic press conference at the Public Health Nagar Hospital in Dhanmondi on Thursday.

Jafrullah Chowdhury said a man died in Coronavirus. But the government is killing the whole family. This is because of mismanagement of government, lack of accountability, not caring about anything. The daily cost in an ICU is 30 thousand to two and a half lakh rupees. Referring to the tax on medicines, he said, 'A family becomes destitute while seeking treatment. It is a failure of the government. The government is running everything with ignorant people on certain issues.

The founder of the public health center said that the price of ICU drugs is very high. So the families are disappearing for treatment. The government has to control the price of all medicines. The country needs to produce coronavirus vaccine. He also said that more students should be admitted in medical colleges.

Syeda Rizwana Hasan, chief executive of Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers Association (BELA), joined the press conference online. He said, “The government has now created a situation in Lezgobar with the Coronavirus situation. If such negligence continues, it will not be possible for the government to handle the problem. The government has no chain of command anywhere. He called on the public health experts to form a commission and work according to their decision.

Asif Nazrul, a law teacher at Dhaka University, said, “Everyone knows three or four months ago that the new type of coronavirus is very deadly. But Modi's arrival was more important to the government. With unplanned lockdowns, the government has further decentralized Coronavirus. The government is doing whatever it wants because it does not have accountability.

Junaid Saki, chief coordinator of the mass solidarity movement, said, “The government has failed to control the situation due to wrong steps. The government had no preparation to deal with the second wave. The government has failed miserably in the health sector. This lockdown joke cannot continue without starving the common people.  

Why the government could not make 1 thousand ICU in one year? This question was raised by Nurul Haque, former VP of Daksh. He called on all to form a national committee and work together to tackle Coronavirus.

Secretary-General of the Bhasani Followers Council Sheikh Rafiqul Islam Bablu presided over the press conference. Muktijoddha Dal president Ishtiaq Aziz, state thinker Didarul Bhuiyan and others also spoke.


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