Thursday, April 08, 2021

Chinese warplanes in Taiwan's airspace, the threat of war!

 China has sent more warplanes into Taiwan's airspace. In the incident, Taiwan's foreign minister said that if China invaded, the island would be embroiled in war and would continue until the end.

Beijing has recently stepped up military action in an attempt to establish its authority on the island. Over the past few months, the Chinese have made warplane exercises in Taiwan's airspace an almost daily occurrence.

Last Monday, a group of Chinese warplanes conducted exercises near the island, Beijing said.

Taiwan's Defense Ministry says 12 Chinese warplanes have entered its airspace that day. At the same time, a submarine destroyer flew over the Bashi Channel between Taiwan and the Philippines. A warning signal was sent to the warplanes by Taipei. 

Taiwan's Foreign Minister Joseph Wu told reporters that the United States was concerned about the risk of a possible war in the region. He said US policymakers were monitoring the situation in the region. From my limited understanding, they clearly see the potential danger of China invading Taiwan.


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