Sunday, April 11, 2021

China's new strategy to make the vaccine effective

 China wants to make a mixture of different coronavirus vaccines. It is learned that the country has taken up this activity due to the low effectiveness of its own coronavirus vaccine. Researchers in China believe that a combination of different coronavirus vaccines could be more effective in the human body.

Gao Fu Coronavirus, head of China's Center for Disease Control and Prevention, has confirmed the creation of a mixture of different vaccines, AFP reported. The Chinese media The Paper reported the matter.

Gao Fu says the effectiveness of China's own coronavirus vaccine is somewhat low. So trying to create a mix of other tickers. This is the first time a top Chinese health official has made such a statement.

China has already given 161 million doses of its own coronavirus vaccine to the general public. The Chinese government has been conducting mass immunization programs in China since last year. The Chinese government has said that 40 percent of the population will be vaccinated by next June.

Gao Fu has previously said that China wants to bring 60 to 70 percent of the country's population under vaccination. The target is set for the end of this year or the middle of 2022. Gao said in Chengdu on Saturday that the best way to increase the effectiveness of vaccines is to make a mixture of different vaccines.

Of course, not only China, but other countries around the world are thinking of steps to increase the effectiveness of the vaccine. Necessary research is also being done in this regard in different countries.

The Chinese-made Synovac vaccine was tested experimentally in Brazil. There was 50 percent effectiveness of the vaccine. On the other hand, the vaccine was found to be 80 percent effective in preventing serious conditions in patients. In addition, the effectiveness of the two vaccines made by Synofarm was found to be 69.34 percent and 72.51 percent respectively.


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