Sunday, April 11, 2021

Ansar worker killed for asking to close shop in lockdown


killings took place due to previous hostilities. Locals demanded the arrest of accused Madhab. Police say details will be revealed later.

According to police, the deceased Mizanur Rahman Mizan, Madhab and several of their friends were hanging out in a tea shop in front of Hetmakhan Sabji Para Electricity Office in the evening. Mizanur Rahman asked to turn off the lights of the shop during the coronation. Madhav prevented this. When there was a quarrel at that time, other friends removed them. However, after a while, Madhav came from home with a knife and started beating Mizan at random. Mizan was rushed to Rajshahi Medical College Hospital where doctors declared him dead.

Locals said they were hanging out here. Mizan came and said, now the lockdown is going on. You go away. This is where the trouble started. 

Later, locals surrounded Madhab's house and protested, demanding speedy trial of the accused. Additional police were deployed after the incident to quell the tension. However, the police did not talk about it.

The deceased Mizanur Rahman Mizan is a volleyball player, he is a member of Ansar Bahini.


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